Investment Opportunity in an Innovative Advertisement Solution

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Italy Italy
  • Industry: Marketing, Communications, Media
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Years in operations: 9, Employees: 6
  • Investment size: $5,000,000 / min. $500,000
  • ROI: 35% in 4 years
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity
Advertisement on ATM

Investment Opportunity

The product capitalises on the potential of ATMs as an advertisement channel and enables great client targeting. The company is based in Italy but seeks global presence.

We have developed a solution that offers the true balance between stakeholders' interests, theorized by the main models of economic success.

Our Italy-based company has proven capable of making leading-edge projects become reality, through careful analyses, attendance of events, hundreds of meeting with banks, and dozens of partnerships. We have developed and patented software that enables the use of ATMs as advertising media and introduces a new philosophy of communicating.

PubliATM System® broadcasts third party advertisements on ATMs screens during transaction wait times, turning them into moments of entertainment, information and solidarity; it's an innovative “media-software”, able to develop “One to One” marketing applications, that is selecting advertisements which are personalized for the final user, in accordance with the institutional aims of the bank and in compliance with privacy and advertising self-discipline laws.

Here is a showreel of our company:!

Competitive Advantage

Our technology PubliATM System 3.02 is far ahead from the only competitors worldwide, and has proven its potential to increase the opportunities to target the client by broadcasting spot advertising relative to the reference target's age, sex, etc.

PubliATM System 3.02 is equipped with a geo referenced and geo localized reporting systems.

Use of financing

My request is for € 4,500,000.
I would be happy for the allocation of quotas to be: New Partner - 51%, myself - 49%

Breakdown of the capital required and its purposes: €2,000,000

Repayment of total debts of UMIG Italy € 200,000
• Banca Etruria € 150,000
• GE Capital (financial) € 5,000
• Accountant € 5,000
• Taxes (equitalia) € 40,000

Use of the rest of financing
• Redesign of the corporate web site and preparation of all documents (brochures, working visa and etc.) € 60,000 one-time payment
• Constitution of UMIG International € 10,000
• Creation of an international web site and preparation of all documents (brochures, working visa and etc.) of UMIG International € 60,000 one time
• Office rent Rome € 100,000 (for 3 years)
• 4 employees in the office in Rome € 450,000 (for 3 years)
• Rent Box Office in New York € 180,000 (for 3 years)
• 2 U.S. employees € 300,000 (for 3 years)
• General Manager for both the two structures € 450,000 (for 3 years)
• International market development (travel, presentations,) € 250,000 (for 3 years)
• Office management and participation in road shows and conventions € 250,000 (for 3 years)
• Expenses for office furniture, electricity, telephone & internet, new computers for both Rome and New York offices € 140,000

Opportunity for the investor

As it is repeatedly emphasized in the Report and Executive Summary, my intention is to find a potential investor who can bring this concept into a reality and grow it into a successful international business, which is selling separately the licence of the software.

The Mission is to develop and invade the international market through the sale of advertising space in the screens of the ATMs, using our proprietary software.

Our company was born in 2003. In 2008 its only competitor was established, I-design, with the brand ATMAd which soon entered the markets of UK, Australia, Canada and recently the USA. This product is not equipped with our technology and has achieved increases turnover by 60-65% per year (signed in 2010 with the partnership Cardtronics and finally bought by the same in March 2013):



This is the link for the purchase of technology:

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This shows that my concept is not a utopia - I have painstakingly built a beautiful car in 2003, which now is fully completed with the keys are in the ignition, and I need someone who knows how to start up and drive it with my contribution as a co-pilot.

There are no restrictions in selling more of 51% of the shares. I would like to continue to work in my venture as a manager giving my contribution to the company and I'm ready to leave Italy and develop the project around the world.

I have just recorded a new version and patented of software 3.02 worldwide.

If you are interested, please get in touch as soon as possible.

Believe me, together we could do very great incomes and challenge Cartronics as a competitor.

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