Sales of Land Parcels for 5 Star Villas & Hotel Project in Italy

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Italy Italy
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $1,250,000 / min. $750,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

In our portfolio we have 240,000 m2 of land in Italy overlooking a lake (at the Switzerland border). Funding purpose is to secure bridge capital to parcel out the land.

240,000 m2 land of which 180,000 m2 are buildable and are coupled with already approved project permits (room for adjustments) on a top A location, touristic and also known to be an attractive site to the wealthy. The land is overlooking a lake, on Italian territory but on the other side of the lake is Switzerland.

The plan is to parcel out the land and sell at attractive pricing to known project developers. This can be done on short notice, hence actual completion of sale on or before 1 year.

What is needed is some deforestation, external facilities of the land overlooking the lake, basically 3 levels on which to build the project. Project permits are already approved by local authorities allowing adjustments, based on grand hotel (formerly a grand villa catering for the wealthy was in place), wellness, mall, and up to 500 luxury villa apartments. A small marina is also available.

Bridge capital required amounts Euro 1 million (about USD 1.2 million) in total, minimum Euro 500k (about USD 750k).

Basically, once the land is properly parcelled out, this is just a buy/sell deal to known developers (highest bidder).

The profit generated will be largely re-invested in other (own) projects, as we also fully own a Castle Estate of 70,000m2 in Hungary, with own thermal warm water spring for wellness coupled with hunting (within 50,000 Ha of dense hunting grounds of red stag, reebok, wild boar, fax etc.) plus about 40 luxury duplex villas on the ground to be sold in "fractional ownership" for which sales & marketing will be done by the largest fractional sales organization in the world a subsidiary of a very large hotel group.

Competitive Advantage

The location is top A, and is already known as an attractive site. Sales price will be attractive.

After the sales it is the developer that will take over and implement his strategies.

Use of financing

Finance will be used mainly for logistics and to parcel out the land properly (a.o. some deforestation, external facilities etc).

Opportunity for the investor

The total amount can be broken down in slots of 100,000 should there be several investors. On each invested capital a 50% yield will be granted for the period of one year and one month, backed up by a "mortgage mandate".

As such investor(s) is (are) offered a short-term high yield return.

For more information, serious and ready investor(s) can contact us asap.

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