Telecommunications Project in Italy Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Italy Italy
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $600,000 / min. $100,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Remote assistance using a patented innovative technology. The service is addressed especially at the self-employed, professionals and small and medium companies.

Our company has developed a new algorithm to provide assistance and answer remotely to the clients peachone calls, that have been diverted to the system. This is a custom service that allows customers to have a pool of assistants who, with professionalism and efficiency, responds to their calls, filters, and forwards, manages the agenda of appointments, organizes the commitments, as if it was actually present in the office.

The algorithm that oversees the system has been developed entirely by our company in partnership with software companies specialized in CRM, ERP, APPs. The service has been sold via Internet or via APPS, with a simple pay-per-use basis formula, with pre-paid debited per second of the service received.

Our solution has completed its beta testing period helped by real customers, about 80. In addition these customers / friends, have confirmed the validity of the project have suggested new implementations for a better user experience and, the system has verified the performance of the hardware, the actual feasibility and validity of patent procedures according the related teachings, of which our company is the exclusive licensee.

The service intends give a help in this field with improving the secretarial procedures used in the market.

The competitors use a methodology targeted to fixed costs (fees and subscriptions) and uses a technique of customer recognition costly, complicated and difficult to manage. The company recently, on national basis, has completed a survey that shows that about one third of the potential market, for various reasons, wants to use the service suggested by our solution, without the unique number assignment and no subscription fees applied. Our service only charges per sec. of actual service, by means of prepaid to climb.

For the continuation of the development, for improving the service capabilities verified during the beta testing period and for subsequent commercial launch on national basis, the company needs funds up to 600,000.00 Euro. The company expects to complete the necessary implementations in about 5/6 months and reach breakeven after 6 months after the launch of the service on the market. After the prototyping phase, the company will have the opportunity to expand on global basis into foreign markets. For the second step it is estimated another fund raising for an amount of about 5,000,000 Euros. This will become possible by implementing an IP licensing program in the territories of interest.

Patents have been granted in RUSSIA; CHINA; RSM and USA. EPO by end of Feb. 2014

Competitive Advantage

With our product the customers spend 30-70% less money than the competition, with a REAL formula, pay per use.

The secretariat service from remote could be used only when needed, without any other cost.

The customer only pays the seconds for service received, scaling the credit customer and moreover:
• No subscription fee
• No minimum contractual commitment
• No fee for installation
• No fee to the response

Rationale for the deal

Revenues are from:
• Customers service
• Foreign licensing campaigns

Use of financing

• APPS – IOS, Android, Blackberry, WIN 18%
• Patents and licensing - 5%
• Working capital - 14%
• Marketing publicity - 31%
• CRM refinements procedures - 32%

Opportunity for the investor

Current needs:
• Investment required: 600.000,00 Euro
• Company shares offered to investors: 33%
• Exit Strategy: Repurchase of shares within 48 months

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