Production of New Sources of Electric Power Not Using Fuel

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Energy sources for: 1. Battery charging and power supply of all types of mobile phones and laptops, and 2. Powerful sources of alternating current from 10 to 100 kW.

This is a research and production project. For 12 months we will develop an industrial design, throughout the 13 to 24 month we will organize industrial production.
We plan to produce:
1. Electric flashlight that does not need batteries or accumulators.
2. Source for charging mobile phones of all brands and power supplies for laptops.
3. Energy source to provide power to all electronic devices for the modern soldier.
4. Sources AC (220V), Power from 10 to 100 kw.
These sources can be used for automotive applications.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage
Our sources do not require fuel and are compact.
They will enable charging mobile phones and energy notebooks.
Miniature flashlight works without batteries,
Compact power supply provides electrical energy any small electronic devices.
Powerful energy sources will provide work of electric vehicles and electrical energy and heat homes, businesses, municipal institutions.
This energy is 5-10 times cheaper than that produced all existing energy producers.
That is, our income is guaranteed.

Rationale for the deal

As a guarantee we invite you to become co-owners. We offer you a 33% stake in the company.
The business is very profitable.

Use of financing

Payback period is 4 years.
Information about revenues and annual returns will be discussed in detail with interested investors.

Opportunity for the investor

The required amount of investment is $2,800,000. Payback period is 4 years. Interest on the loan is not more than 4% per year. There will be delay payments on the principal amount of the loan 12 months.
Investror is also offered a 33% stake.
After the commencement of commercial production of the annual income of the investor will be higher than his investment.
Expected profitability is at least 21%. With the increasing range of products produced it is expected to increase to 35%.
The investor will receive one seat on the board of the company.
Production management and sales will be performed by the Company.
The investor will have the right to become a major dealer in the country and by agreement in some neighboring countries.
It is desirable to transfer money at once in full or split them into two intalments: $1800000 the first year, and $1,000,000 the second year.

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