Project Supporting 3rd World Country to Lift Itself into 22nd Century

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The wanted investment is to cover all our initial costs - plane tickets, travel arrangements, hotels, legal fees, visas, shots and pills.

Our proposal refers to an asset-rich 3rd world country, which represents a blank canvas for project development, both commercial and humanitarian. We have direct contact with the government. Our aim is to use state of the art equipment to start zero emission power plants that will help restoring mother Earth, and assist the poor, orphans and widowed to have a better life, eduction, healthcare and dignity.

This is a collaboration between a UK and a Dutch companies willing to develop a range of projects that will improve the living standards in an African country. The partners are experienced in the renewable technologies field and is proposing to the government various "green" solutions that will help it achieve better standards for its people.

He are is a brief description of the projects we can implement on behalf of the government:

Sustainable emission-free power projects:
• Waste-to-energy plant
• Plasma water reactor
• Hydro power reactors
• Wave energy

Water purification:
We can provide water treatment solutions for all type of applications, from domestic equipment to industrial turnkey plants up to 5000 m3/day.

Renewable sewage water treatment plant:
We offer a logical and economical solution with lower installation costs and maintenance expenses. The biologically treated water can be reused because of the high quality of the effluent.

We have contact with companies which are specialized in infrastructure, both British and Dutch companies. The inert slag from the waste2Energy reactor is ideally suited to be used for road pavement. Since the country is land-locked, an agreement and cooperation with a neighbouring country is wished for to improve the infrastructure, both road and rail, to a main seaport.

National Airline:
We are able to support the government in developing and operating a very healthy and efficient National Airline incorporating the very latest in aircraft design. The target and prime objective is to be to become the PRIMARY HUB for Central and East Africa.

Other Projects we can implement include Excavation, Healthcare, Education, Permaculture, Cultivation projects.

Our proposal is to set up a local company, preferred with tax exempt status, for each commodity, or one or two duly surveyed areas with in-ground assets are officially assigned to this company or one of our companies

Specific investment vehicles available making it possible to pay all projects with plunging the nation in xx billion dollar debt.

Full description: Please see the presentation below

Competitive Advantage

We do not have direct competitors. Our set up and contacts, both on equipment side and financial side, are unique. Moreover, one of our members is directly linked to the government.

Rationale for the deal

The government will issue title of various in-ground assets to our company to be established there. In-ground assets can be gold, wolfram, coltan, crude oil etc.

We are highly experienced and connected in all fields of the project and have NO competitors because of our unique combined skills.

Use of financing

The wanted investment is to cover all our initial costs - plane tickets, travel arrangements, hotels, legal fees, visas, shots and pills.

Opportunity for the investor

We expect to pay back the initial investment capital within a period of one year.

If an investor is interested and has skills that can add value to our operations, please be welcome.

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