Videoproduction Company Looking for a Loan to Complete 2 Projects

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am a cameraman involved in 4 projects: promotional/informative video making for nursing homes in the Netherlands and online platform for job seekers.

Project 1: Making short informational videos for nursing homes in the Netherlands. The websites of care homes in the Netherlands contain little information about the homes - just some photos and a short story - whereas there is a clear demand for more information. In this era of aging care homes grow on importance, and seniors and family members prefer to watch a movie on the site of a nursing home to get a good impression on the place and make an informed decision on whether it is the right choice for them.

On April 23, 2012 I made the first movie for a nursing home in Zevenaar. The reactions are very positive. With this film as an example, I will be approaching other homes.

Project 2: Developing the first job board for job seekers in the Netherlands. On this platform the job seeker will be able to make a presentation video of 1 minute. This movie will be uploaded to the site together with a C.V. Employers may pay to log in the database of job seekers to look for a suitable candidate. The benefit for employers: No more high costs for advertisements in newspapers and no need to read cover letters. Employers will be able to immediately get a good impression of the candidate through the presentation video. In short - less cost and less time to find a good candidate for a vacancy.

Project 3:
Making a website for all medical operations

Project 4 :
Making portraits for Dutch Television

I already made a film about nursing homes for eldery people.

After the summer I have already 2 assignments.

In oktober we made a film about military homes in The Netherlands and Afghanistan.

Financial needs: camera, sound and editing for a total of about $100.000

Payback to the investor: in 7 years

I will be able to produce three films per month,

Prognosis Turnover 2012:

Expected Income: € 3000, - per film
Income per month: € 9000, -

Expenditure per month for 3 tasks:
Equipment rent total: € 900, -
Mounting rent: € 1500, -
Total expenditure: € 2400, -

Expected profit per month: € 6600, -

Use of financing

I need funding to buy the equipment required for completing the projects, namely:

- Camera
- Sound
- Editing

Opportunity for the investor

I am looking for a debt investment of about $100000 which I can pay back in a period of maximum 10 years.
The investor can get a discount of 15% making a corporate or other film.

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