New Project to Purify Agricultural Manure Waste in New Zealand

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: New Zealand New Zealand
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $500,000 / min. $300,000
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Funding is required for development of pilot plants, further scientific testing with Waikato University and finally full scale production.

Our company has developed a process to treat dairy farm effluent and turn it into pure water and fertiliser. We are seeking investment partners to assist in developing pilot plants, further scientific testing and full commercial development.

This project will enable the development of an effluent separation system for dairy farms using basic fertiliser chemicals. There will be two commodity streams produced from the process, namely clear water and basic, unbalanced fertiliser. Once proven, there are a large number of dairy farmers in New Zealand and abroad that could potentially benefit by recycling water, reducing fertiliser costs and eliminating stream and river contamination through leaching.

Market Pain:
Dilemma 1:
Dairy farmers in New Zealand use 75 litres of water per cow per day for shed clean downs.
Dilemma 2:
Wash down water is stored in ponds that have to be maintained and emptied by spraying onto pastures at unsuitable times of the year.
Dilemma 3:
Effluent ponds may produce odors.
Dilemma 4:
Continuous effluent spraying causes pollution of streams and rivers.

Effluent treatment systems could be built on dairy farms to separate the water and animal faeces to produce fresh water suitable for drinking or cowshed cleaning and fertiliser slurry that may be stored for use at a suitable time of the year.

Project outcomes:
• Construct a proof of concept mobile unit
• Successfully prove concept on 4 New Zealand dairy farms.
• Build two commercial size trial units
• License partners for chemical deliveries
• Sale of first commercial units by May 2013

IP Management:
• Patent pending filed
• Formulations of two additives to remain company property and produced under licence

Commercial Plan:
• Engineering design of plant to be completed in house with resident engineer
• Construction to be initially completed by engineering partner, then to be completed resident employees
• Non hazardous chemicals to be produced and delivered in house
• Hazardous chemicals to be produced and delivered by strategic chemical partner
• Export to be developed by an international brand partner
• Reinvest in R&D to streamline technology to be more successful on type 4 and type 5 farms

Technical Development:
• Design and building of a mobile plant to prove concept and develop success rates and separation timing for various types of dairy farms
• Design two
• Build two full scale proof of concept plants on different farm types as a visual demonstration of the technologies abilities
• Collate and present data for water clarity and suitability for drinking water and cleaning water
• Collate and present data for fertiliser sludge removal rates and suitability
• Collate and present data of local waterway pollution rates

Estimated time to market:
Mobile pilot plant built by January 2013, first 2 farms built by end March 2013, first commercial unit start build May 2013

Estimated export revenue in first five years sales:
NZ Equipment sales of NZ$10m
NZ Chemical sales of NZ$6m
Export Equipment sales of NZ$5m

Competitive Advantage

• Currently there is no system currently available that addresses effluent from agriculture.
• The process is simple and unique - hence the Patent
• The process allows farmers to produce their own fertiliser - minimising fertiliser purchase costs
• The process reduces water consumption - saving the environment and farmer budget
• The process can be applied to other forms of farm waste and potentially human
• The process can also be adapted to purify contaminated 'drain' water

Rationale for the deal

We are seeking partners who can assist in the financials and are willing to provide governance. We are looking for people/companies that are willing to go the distance as we are intending to push this process into the world-wide market. We also need to protect our IP and patent.

Use of financing

Funding is required for development of pilot plants, further scientific testing with Waikato University and finally full scale production.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for equity investment. The percentage share of profit etc will be negotiated with the investor.

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