Producer of Power Saver Unit from New Zealand Is Looking for Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is an innovative electronic device in two models developed to save a 30% of the consuming power on any heating or cooling power equipment.

"Power Saver" Unit has been developed by a small European company as it is an innovation giving you a 30% power saving connected to any heating or cooling power equipment up to 3KW consuming power as it keeps the same working efficient of the consumer.This product needs to be financed for production and advertisement for to go to the global market.

The electronic device has two models as the first one is for any standard heating equipment, such as night storage heaters, oil heaters, ground heating, any fan heaters with a heating elements. The second model is for any compressor equipment such as Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners(inverter or standard), Refrigeration equipment.

"Power Saver" has been completed and tested. It needs a new looking design, which should be carefully developed to cover the global market.

It also need a good marketing strategy as the product has been developed for the home and industrial market.

The innovation has a huge sell potential and payback and need a good advertising.

The results from the tests are very good as the model for the Air Conditioners gives a saving around 100KWh per month as it keeps the same comfort 24 hours.

The other model in use under any standard heating gives you every third hour free for you.
"Power Saver" is a fully legitimate and it does not harm your consumer.

Competitive Advantage

Power Saver is ready to pass all of the required tests from the potential investor.

Rationale for the deal

I am looking for an investor, which is agree to found a new Company with equal shares between 50/50.
Prefer the investor to be from New Zealand with a worldwide relationship.

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