Mining Projects in Papua New Guinea

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I am seeking investors to fund a mining project in the Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea.

The Suyuwe Clan Association is a Resources owner and a Land owner in the Buang sub-district in the Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG).The Association was formed with the purpose of providing services and Development to the people in the villages through the means of the use of their resources (Gold & Timber).

The Association has set up a Business arms known as SUYUWE GROUP PTY LTD which is the Business arm of the Landowner Company. The Company has come up with its Business plan in order to submit to companies or investors who may be interested in investing in their projects in the form of fundings through means of commercial loans, which the Company can sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the investor for the loan repayment schedules. The business plan is a simple one which can be understood by both parties concern.

It is not a professional business plan but is a general one. It is not a big Company with huge assets which could be used as a security against the loan taken but it is made up of village people (grass roots) who a trying to start up a Mining project on their land and are seeking investors who is interested in it and would like to develop the project. As a Start up Business we do not have the assets to provide to investors as our security against the loan taken but will take it up on trust. Therefore if investors is interested and will trust and have confident in us then we would like him/her to contact us for further information and action.

The two (2) of the main resources which the Company is looking at developing are (1) Gold and (2) Timber. However the priority project at this stage is the Mining (Gold) project which the Company is intending to develop immediately. The Company is looking at 2 options to develop the mining project in the area. Firstly is to bring in the investors to come in with its resource and equipment and mine the area while the Land owner Company can sub-contract to it. Secondly is for the investors to finance the Land owner company to do the mining.

The both option is available for negotiation and further discussion. However currently the local people have been doing alluvial mining at these sites. In addition the Company is looking at arranging with the investors to purchase mining equipment such as dredge machines and water pumps which the miners can use it to get big amount of Gold at one time. And as the mining expand and the Company has progressed the Company will look into other project such as logging.

The Company has compiled relevant information and documents to put together this Business Plan, to submit to interested investors or financial company for funding.

In addition, the Company has a manpower policy and guidelines which it can be use to develop its resource (Gold). The policy ensures that the mining activity runs smoothly without any hindrance to its operation and plan.

The Suyuwe Business Group is a Resources owner in the sub- district in the Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The two (2) of the main resources are (1) Gold and (2) timber.

The local people mainly the land owner of this boundary participate by this two resource in their own land. The Gold is much faster than timber so most people involved with small scale alluvial mining. The people were friendly with good communication skills spoken that is English and Tok Pisin.
The all idea about this Business Group is to seek investor who is interested with our resources and can assist us by means of loan agreement sign by both parties or can supply us with equipment and machinery to develop that resources and progress to another level of business development.
The Suyuwe Clan Association has registered under Incorporate Land Group (ILG), Investment Promotion Authority (IPA), Forestry Industry Participant Licence (FIP), and also Carbon Trading Acknowledgement.

Finally, as part of Business Description the Company has taken several photos of their resource (Timber Gold and sites where the manpower mining activity runs smoothly without any hindrance to its operation and plan.

PLAN MAP: Mining exploration Company named Triple Plate Junction (TPJ) PTY LTD

The location is in Buang Sub district in Morobe Province. This area has been survey by the Department of Mining & Petroleum to indicate deposits of Gold and other minerals found in there.

The area was given to a Mining exploration Company named Triple plate junction (TPJ) PTY LTD which had been carrying out exploration for the past 10 years. The assay results of the exploration shows there were huge deposits of Gold in this area. However the Company had advised the Land owner Company to engage any investors who may be interested to develop their resources in their area since they (TPJ) have not decided when to start up mining in this area. Under the mining laws of the Country the Land owner has the right to start up Alluvial Mining in their area which they may enter into partnerships with investors to develop their resources.

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