Property Development in Papua New Guinea

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

1. I'm already into the Real Estate Business and I invested US$ 1 million on residential property development.

2. The current market return is 15-25% annually.

3. I am looking for a partnership to develop the real estate investment.

4. Investment funding of US$ 5M to 100M welcomed.

5. I have company registered to do the business. The company is already operational and only requires change of shares and signatories.

6. It will take 1-2 weeks to clear the legal documents.

Due to increased investments in Petroleum/Mining in the country there is an increasing need for real estate business. Such an investment is the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project by Exxonmobil and Talisman Energy worth US$ 15 billion.

Why financing this project?

1. The demand for Real Estate investment in this country will triple within the next 5 years as major investments in Petroleum and Mining come into production.

2. It is predicted that prices and rentals of goods and services will increase with estimated growth of 10-12% annually.

3. We will take advantage of the low prices now and make an investment to benefit from the future the price increases annually.

4. This type of investment involves less risk and less depreciation.

5. The model is as follows: Buy rundown properties in prime locations at fair market value then develop and lease to clients with returns of 15-25% annually.

Competitive Advantage

1. You has an investor will have me as partner, and I have the advantage of already knowing the system and processes involved.

2. Having local knowledge, the opportunities of marketing and maximising return are guaranteed.

3. Opportunities for future diversion into other investments like mining, petroleum, etc. are endless.

4. The Government encourages partnerships thus will have Government support where required.

Rationale for the deal

Today the prices are double for overseas investors who want to get into the real estate business.

However, within our domestic partnership, I will be in the fore-front in negotiations, so we will have reasonable buying rates.

Use of financing

This investment is a lifetime opportunity with granted returns.

It will take 3- 5 months to initial phase to start the investment.

Will take minimium 5 years for 50-80% return of financing.

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