Investment Project for Scandinavian Fashion Collection in Poland

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I’m looking for an investor interested in a new Scandinavian luxury start-up admired by top fashion professionals and princesses.

The brand’s name and luxury is threaded into a webisode-series based on an ancient Greek epic/contemporary screenplay featuring luxury&lifestyles in 3700 years ago and now in 2010, that we plan to produce with a tiny budget in my film production company, and air the episodes on major websites to market the brand and it’s magic.

We are actually receiving this comment from U.S. fashion professionals: “You REALLY back your word when it comes to Luxury”.

GEORGIA FLEMING, Executive Director Luxury, Hearst Magazines, New York NY: "I'm fascinated with all the things you do/accomplish."

Jeffrey Felner, the N.Y.C.'s fashion journalist and top fashion executive wrote him: “I had a look at the pieces which I like very much”.

Cara Dattani from London's luxury boutique Kuati sent me the message: "I think the brand is very, Very cool indeed."

The EX-SAVAGE brand is getting more and more international attention:

In Canadian trendsetting magazine TREND HUNTER PRO:

The collection’s LUXURY and MAGIC is described at a new Italian luxury portal HOLYLIPS – LUXURY IS CULTURE, in article: "Our classics: Ex-Savage".

If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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