Investment Project for Kiosk´s Multi Urban and Rural (Vending-Shop)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

As my goal is a creation of a platform - "iTVB2B & e.learning system" resulting to a tool of:
"Business of International TRADE and PROCUREMENT, showcase of products at a FINGER'S TOUCH of any entrepreneur".

Needed investors for KIOSK´S multi URBAN and RURAL (Vending-Shop)

Technology closed to the farming communities
This project aims to ensure effectively and efficiently services to end users (householders, visitors, traders, services and industry) in a cost effective manner and friendly way.

It is with Kiosk´s, roadside structures (e.multiservices) that we will ensure a friendly access to information ,technologies and communication to the local communities, responding to better relation, creating DIGITAL CITIES simultaneously fight INFO - EXCLUSION under a pleasant environment that are the road coffee spaces and thus:

-- Democratize access to Information and Communication Technologies, facilitating its use by citizens

-- Improving the standard of service provided by local authorities to their users and contributes to its administrative modernization

-- Diversify the network of information channels and strengthen the participatory and production of content on the local reality

-- Strengthen the competitiveness of local business

The road kiosk´s will provide services such as:

HOTSPOT-wlan (piconet); wi-fi; wimax

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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