Developing a Network of 6 One-Day Surgery Centres in Romania

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project scope relates to developing a network of one day surgery centers located in main cities in Romania. The network will later on expand regionally.

This type of surgery centers are rare or inexistent in Romania, thus having patients forced to go into the state owned system or abroad.

The existing healthcare infrastructure in Romania suffers from lack of development of intensive investments with a couple of exceptions. So, no matter how much money they had, the patients could not be treated locally in many cases. So they need to travel to larger cities or to Bucharest in order to benefit from decent conditions and medical expertise.

The company looking for investment is already established as a recognized leader in providing medical services in the existing medical center in one mid-size city in south eastern Romania.

The current investment is needed for expanding the business to the next level, in order to develop a network of 6 one day surgery rooms around the country. Due to the rather significant investment this is an area not exploited all around Romania and we would have the benefit of being among the first.

Company┬┤s further plans for development include:
- At a second stage: developing a network of 3 private maternity, birth giving facilities.
- At a third stage: replicate the same model in the neighboring countries of Serbia, Bulgaria and Hungary (investment estimated at a total 2.1 Million Euro). Investors can receive more information about this project if they contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

As a business owner, my philosophy was to connect doctors and latest technology, thus being able to offer high standard services, charge higher rates, differentiate among the different players in the market and settling as a reference medical center in the region as well as a center for international medical tourism.

We choose our partners from the best, in the sense that we do not try to do a bit of everything. We want to be recognized for our quality and for partnering with best doctors, test centers, ability to develop international second opinion network.

Rationale for the deal

Romania is dominated by state owned outdated facilities. Private sector is represented mainly in big cities and part of the big ones have already been acquired by large investment funds.

In Romania, in 2011, the research shows that the total addressable market for private medical services is 420 million euro, while in 2012 it is estimated at a level of 600 million euro.

People choose to go into private premises after being disappointed by public hospitals.

Use of financing

We can provide separately a breakdown of costs as well as investment stages.

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