Investment Project for Ostrich Farm Complex to be Set up

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $1,500,000 / min. $500,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

The investment project envisages setting up an ostrich farming complex to meet existing demand for meat, feathers and ostrich skin.

The complex will provide stable jobs in a poor region and will rely on up to 2,000 hectares for the production of animal feed.

OPTION 1 for project realization costs 45 million RUB. Some 30 million of this sum will be spent on land, buildings and equipment.

A short description of the equipment, premises and land at the farm:
1. Two cowsheds (1,827 m2 x 2), each for 200 animals.
2. A cowshed for 2,000 heads of cattle, requiring reconstruction.
3. A pigsty for 200 animals
4. A calf building (1,782 m2) for 200 heads
5. Garages and a workshop area (854 m2)
6. A brick building with amenities
7. Concrete warehouses, a granary, a grain dryer, and six silage pit for 300 tons each
8. A brick building located under the sovkhoz office ( 438.5 m2)
9. Two artesian wells
10. Two water towers
11. Three private houses owned by the farm
12. Two transformer substations of 300 kVA
Additional facilities for 3,000 heads of cattle are also available but in need of repair. The total built-up area is 11,000 m2. The site has asphalted roads of good quality and is gasified. All the buildings are functioning and are in the property.

The necessary agricultural machinery includes:
1. Three combine harvesters Niva
2. Silo Cyrus - 1 unit.
3. Two rotary mowers
4. Rulonnik - 1 unit
5. GAZ (SAZ) 3507 vehicle - 1 unit.
6. Bus KAVZ 3270 - 1 unit
7. GAZ 3707 vehicle - 1 unit.
8. GAZ 3707 vehicle for milk - 1 unit
9. An excavator - 1 unit.
10. Aggregate for planting potatoes - 1 unit
11. Bulldozer - 1 unit.
12. Loader based on MTZ 82 - 1 unit
13. Seven tractors MTZ 82 (80)
14. Two tractors DT75 NA 4

The area of agricultural land is about 2,000 hectares. Of these, 400 hectares are owned and 1,600 hectares are leased indefinitely for agricultural use.

Non-real-estate investment amount:
1. 2,000,000 RUB for reconstruction and improvement of the existing facilities
2. 5,000,000 RUB for the purchase of 20 ostrich families (a family consists of one male and two females)
3. 4,000,000 RUB for the purchase of ostriches
4. 4,000,000 RUB for the maintenance of all infrastructure for one year (as well as for developing a website). The feed will be self-produced, as we have our equipment and land.

OPTION 2 for project realization costs 15 million RUB (a cheaper option). The investment in land and premises will be 3,000,000 RUB.

Brief description of the real estate and land used in setting up the livestock complex:
1. Špproximately 6 hectares of agricultural land near a mixed forest
2. Four calf houses of reinforced concrete of 1,500 m2 each
3. Garages for trucks and passenger vehicles
4. Office buildings with reinforced concrete compartments

Most of the buildings are located near federal highways and require renovation in varying stages. There are guarantees to connect to electricity lines with a capacity of up to 1 MW.

The total area of buildings is about 10,000 m2. All of the above, including land and buildings are documented in the property.

Non-real-estate investment amount:
1. 6.0 million rubles are required for the restoration of existing facilities just to accommodate 10 ostrich families (as well is drilling for water, connection to electricity, and for one incubator)
2. 2.0 million rubles for the purchase of feed for one year

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