Investment Project for Rabbit Farm Complex - 21600 kg Meat Per Year

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $120,000 / min. $100,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

The content of the project - highly profitable production of rabbit meat by low-energy-intensive and environmentally sound technologies.

The company's products - 21600 kg of rabbit meat (carcasses), as a result of a breeding of 200 head of pedigree herd, per year. Plus, about 9000 rabbit skins and liver.

Dietary and ecologically clean rabbit meat is the best products for the modern requirements. Rabbit meat is recommending for children via first years of the life, people of extreme professions (pilots, divers ...). The share of consumption of rabbit meat in the meat diet of the leading European countries reaches 6-8%, and the total production of clean meat in 2009 reached 3 million tons and were considered as insufficient.

The complex is based on unique technology of acceleration rabbit breeding, developed by Russian inventor, Professor IN Mikhailov and patented in Russian Federation 782,773 at 12.02.1993g.
Technology designed for year-round uninterrupted producing of various food products, furs and fertilizer.

The draft stipulates that the main product will be fresh (chilled and finely packed) rabbit. Wholesale price of one ton of packaged chilled rabbit is 220000 rubles. Retail price packaged chilled rabbit will be 250 rubles per kilogram

The rabbit farm and processing complex is a closed and non-waste production cycle should contain the following units:
1. Selection and breeding facilities - necessary to maintain the gene pool breeds of rabbits, to replenish breeding stock of the complex and for the implementation of purebred breeding stock to the side;
2. Rabbit farm for rabbits breeding.
3. Butchering plot.
4. Land (manufacture) for manufacturing of products, storage and sale.
5. Land disposal of waste – production of biocompost (with sufficient investment - parallel to the main production; from earnings - from a development perspective - through the 36-40 months from project start).

The ecological safety of the project.
The main problem with rabbits - wastes of the rabbit’s life process and the butchering process. The project provides processing of any and all waste products.

Manure from which have already been allocated gaseous products of fermentation, will be used as organic compost in crop production for their own food supply.
Channels of sales and marketing.
The company plans to use third-party retail stores.
Realization of organic fertilizers will not be problem, because this kind of production is in deficit at the breeders.
The total return of the project investments from 19 to 26 months - depending on the amount of initial investment.
Internal efficiency of 43%.

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