Royal Household on the Basis of Independent Farms

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $1,000,000 / min. $500,000

Investment Opportunity

I work with the introduction of modern biotechnology in agriculture. In this project are gathered a lot of my developments. One of the major achievements, I believe is the development of biotechnology "Biocycle" which can be used not only in crop production, but also in animal husbandry. Likewise, this applies biotechnology for growing plants hydro.

Technologies and enterprises needed to start the "Autonomous farmers and farms" project based on the royal farms.

Now, in connection with the economic crisis, sharply rose the question of employment of the population. A lot of businesses are closed, and thousands of workers are reduced and dismissed. Naturally, when it becomes difficult, many switch to the village, and also because of the fact that our government is doing much that would revive the agriculture supply at the proper level of farming and encourage the peasants to organize rural small businesses. However, at the current situation, people who choose to do this hard work, face many problems that do not actually make up the bulk of such households and only a few become real farmers, not because of it but in spite of. With such a statement of the case we can’t bring people back to the village and raise agriculture for a long time, and especially those of its branches such as cattle, pig, poultry, etc.

This problem we are trying to solve through the development and implementation of modern technology and biotechnology in small agriculture enterprises. There is a need to transform the hard, dirty peasant work into modern production, which allows not only surviving but also to get a good return and work in humane conditions and confidently plan their future. There is a need to turn people's minds. In connection with the global economic crisis exist a situation, in which people simply have nowhere to work. The army of unemployed increases, there is a serious reduction of the armed forces. Tens of thousands of people are switching from manufacturers to consumers, relying on welfare for unemployed. This is absolutely not acceptable. We must send this mass of people to the village, to teach modern agricultural production, and to raise existing farmers and farms to a new level and give them the opportunity to work and earn.

Successful creation and implementation of uterine agro-industrial complexes around the country will be able to solve not only the rapid development of agriculture. Thousands of such complexes will be required, and this will entail the development of many sectors of the economy that are now in decline due to economic crisis. A huge number of people will be able to find work. Our government will be able to accept and employ our compatriots from abroad, and thus influence population growth and addressing the demographic problem in the country.

Based on the current situation in our country was born the concept of establishment of network uterine independent agro-industrial complexes on the basis of farmers and farms. It is assumed that one royal household will be served by 100 farms. The number of farms will depend on the distance from the mother liquor.

The very notion of autonomy involves the production and use of all forms of energy, providing workflow management, within the economy.

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