IT Business in Russia for Sale

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Solid business and a guaranteed income expects investors as a minimum: 1 Million Euro or more within 1.5-2 years. +Action - new car for 10.000 euros.

Our investment offer is for serious people, for the thoughtful and professional investors, businessmen and successful entrepreneurs.

Investments in innovation development - safe investment!

Dear investors! If you have money but no time to develop
and promote your business on the Internet, if you have the desire to invest in promising and profitable business, but you do not know how to do it professionally and with maximum impact?
Then this offer is for you!

Opportunity to buy a ready-made business – has always been the best investment. Such investment brings in the future large incomes. And if we are talking about a secure and profitable system, like our project, which allows to calculate not only the further development of the partnership business, but also a guaranteed income, such an option to buy the business, becomes more attractive and very promising.

Do you think investments are profitable, which in a few years will bring the owners of this business huge profits and dividends in 3.500 - 5.000% per year? Investing only 29.000 Euros, you have a guaranteed opportunity to earn not only the 100.000 or 300.000 euros, but 1.000.000 and more.

+ SPECIAL OFFER! Exactly 24 months, we will provide the opportunity
for you to buy any car, in amount less than 10.000 Euro!

What do you get?
Direct advertising services to automatic (without your participation) promotion – developing of your business (personal affiliate links), which provides growth - registering of new partners and new payment our services, which includes business - training, investment, marketing and franchising program.

Our offer to purchase a guaranteed system of business is not only highly profitable, promising and very lucrative, but also unique by definition. If you ask any professional online business of the benefits of such a proposal, then you will immediately get the answer: it is incredibly profitable!

Buying a business only for 29.000 euro, you have at your disposal high-yield financial assets.
Investing now means at least after 8 - 14 months you will already get an effective, universal, profitable, secure and integrated system of financial assets, which in the short term will make your business self-developing, comfortable, well-targeted and with a guaranteed profit.

Calculation of development and profitability of the proposed system allows you to say that after a year, you will get at least a payback for your investments. Further, the power mechanism is triggered in the rapid development of its business in the form of back investment mechanism leader "who will ensure you get a multiple number of profit(s) - up to 80% of revenue.
The cost of buying businesses is just - 29.000 Euro.

You, as an investor will receive a complete package of ready business!
Interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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