Production of Nano-Palladium Catalytic Device Reducing Exhaust-Gases

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Investment Opportunity

We are developing pilot production of a catalyst incinerator of exhaust gases using palladium nano-particles. Needed Investments: 33,000 USD.

These particles greatly reduce pollution and thus simplify engine-management systems. Implementation period: 1 year. Exit: commercialization of the patent.

The distinctive features of the catalytic post-burning of exhaust gases using nano-palladium are:

1) Efficient operation over a wide range of compositions of fuel-air mixtures: from strongly depleted to rich in content. This feature ensures optimum engine performance in terms of power and economic indicators, with a significant reduction in environmental damage. In addition, as the device reduces the need for continued strict regulation of fuel-air mixture, this can dramatically simplify the engine management system, reduce its cost, and improve reliability, stability and maintenance.

2) Ability to operate in a wide range of temperature of exhaust gases, ranging from low (about 80-100C) to high. This can dramatically improve the reduction in toxic components in the warm-start mode, the most dangerous in terms of ecology. Also, it helps reduce the requirements for the layout of engine exhaust systems, which in turn makes it possible to simplify the design of the exhaust system, reduces flammability and improves the catalyst several-fold.

3) The stability of the catalyst with respect to organic and metal deposits makes it possible to dramatically improve operation with unpredictable fuel quality and, in general, dramatically enhances the environmental performance of the vehicle.

4) A significant reduction in the use of precious metals greatly lowers the cost of manufacturing catalytic systems.

Main objectives:
1. Industrial application of the innovation for more efficient and environmentally-friendly operation of internal combustion engine vehicles and other machinery. A patent has already been registered.
2. Profit from activities related to the implementation of the patent (patent commercialization);

Target Markets:
1) Russian and foreign catalyst plants
2) Russian and foreign carmakers
3) Russian and foreign manufacturers of automotive components

Size and use of funding:
The total investment is 13,000,000 (thirteen million) rubles. Out of this sum:
1. The own funds of the applicants, 3.0 M (three million) RUB, were used for R&D and laboratory testing of the project and for patenting;
2. External investments of 10,000,000 (ten million) RUB, which will be used for:
-organizing pilot production for reasonably-scaled samples to confirm the laboratory results; and
-preparing the project for rolling out on an industrial scale.

Project implementation period: 1 (one) year from receiving foreign investments.

Exit strategy of the Project: Commercialization of the patent. The value of the patent has been determined with an independent valuation by patent agency "Invers" and amounts to 57,000,000 (fifty-seven million) rubles.

The profits from the commercialization of the patent will be distributed in a 50:50 ratio.

Patent 2326730 has been issued for preparation of a catalyst for oxidation-reduction reactions

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