Investment in Development of Digital Nerves

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are planning to produce implantable living nervous tissue, growing together with electronic chips. The system may be used for different purposes.

We are seeking an investor for developing of the project, which has global value! We need at least 36,000,000 euro for starting the project (It`s 1% of required amount).

Summary: the main purpose of the project is developing of innovative technologies, associated with robotics, artificial intelligence and electronic neurons, which can be used in different spheres.

The crew of Russian researchers offers you the new idea of combination a human being and electronics.

Our modern achievements represent that we can "mechanize" a human being and develop "machines", almost visually undistinguished from a person, but surpassing in many parameters.

We managed an idea of creation an implantable living nervous tissue, previously grown together with electrodes. Now researchers are involved in thorough study of this hybrid nervous-electronic tissue. With all this going on, in an organism of a patient living neurons previously grown together with lifeless "flesh" of electrodes are implanted, not electrodes, which adoption is a problem.

This system can be applied for rehabilitation of victims after an extremity avulsion, replacement of functionless joints. It is multipurpose, and can be in use for different aims, both in medical and military. Control and management of implemented extremity is carried out by a brain. At the first stage it is planned to use it for restoration of motor functions of the injured experimental animals.
There are no analogues of this product in the world.

Our equipment in 2015 will reach level of human intelligence, including the capability to feel emotions. We believe that the civilization will chose the way of merging human and artificial intelligence by implantation to an organism of aids and appliances raising mental abilities and preserving health.

The thought of appearance of cyborgs shouldn't horrify. Actually, our civilization for today is already a machine-human. Machines perform hundreds kinds of activities at level of a human being or even better. We use them to increase our physical and intellectual possibilities. Direct merging of the person to machine shall become the following stage!

For the developing of the project investments at the rate of 3 billion euro are required.

The business plan is calculated on 4 years. There is already a vast dimension of customers to the production. There are no doubts in advantage of the given project! The clear profit will start to arrive as time passes the term (50 months).

You can get 30% of clear profit and return your investments including interest.

The project stage is initial growth. Business plan documents is available for download.

Competitive Advantage

There are no analogues of this product in the world.

Use of financing

The financing will be used for building of laboratories and staff salary.

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