Investment Project for Synthesis of New Technology for Human Life

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The investor receives the legal, intellectual and technical tools for building a transnational corporation of new generation.T he product is ready for commercialization.


The technology of interaction with components of biological systems of the human body on the basis of biological information communication channels with biophysical and biochemical signals and actions under the control and management of a new generation of bioinformatics.

The end user gets the new technological possibilities of life on a higher level.
Intellectual property rights is framed as an intellectual model.
The product is unique.


Market research conducted by the author.

Market size and growth potential in the future

The potential volume of 5 years: 1000000000000 EURO, of which our sales to 1 trillion EURO.

There is no direct competition from market players who are on a lower intellectual level of activity. The project involves the synthesis of a new market segment microwave technology.
Competitive advantage, why our product is better (the three most significant).
The main competitive advantage is that we came to the project is not part of the evolutionary development of the orthodox branches, and from a higher intellectual status using a unique intellectual tool.

A significant competitive advantage is that there is a complete technological readiness of the market for the introduction of the proposed product.
Our product best suits the prevailing market conditions, that is, we offer a much better product with a significantly lower price / performance ratio and with new consumer qualities.


Marketing Plan (reference, channel, target audience, cost, expected results) is made by the author.


Supposed to cooperate with all customers, potentially the entire population of Earth.

Business Model

Consider the model of society after 5 years of development NSNZHCH. With an average annual production of 200 million units in the coordination and operation is one billion units. With the average family size 3 people NSNZHCH reach 3 billion people. Their lives become more comfortable and secure. They did not just become the owners of the electronic unit agreement and the software to a PC. They will receive a new direction in his life that lead them to a new standard of living.
The aggregate minimum annual market volume of the new technology of life will be at least 950 billion EURO.


High-efficiency opportunities open highbrow tool allowed the author to use them to improve the highest technology - human life.

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