Investment Project for CFO Service in Russia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A new product on the market of outsourcing " CFO service”. The project essence is -complex events, focused on strategic, sustainable business growth and improving the profit of the clients. The project needs funding (at least $ 10000) as advertising budget for the promotion of the new product on the market. The parent company is located in Novosibir.

Service: " CFO service"

Marketing Strategy.
In this market segment is not possible to provide the client with a completely new product. We can not be the first by means of providing of a new product.

Therefore, we will start the strategy from the next.

Marketing - not a battle of products, and the battle of perceptions.

We can prove that we provide better services for years, but because of only one mistake, the race can be lost.

Therefore, the quality of the product is important and is first to create a follow-up rumors, but for the initial promotion on the market quality is of secondary importance, when the perception of the client is primary.

It is is very difficult to change the consciousness of the potential customers. Despite the fact that consumers are poorly versed in the issue, but they are sure that they are always right. The perception that exists in the mind, often interpreted as an oracle. People rarely, if ever, do mistakes. At least in their own mind.

Therefore, the idea arose:
"Pull on the market a new product name, combining the products that already exist on the market and successfully provided to potential customers"
This product name should be on everyone's lips and associated with good quality.
Title - " CFO service"
The concept of CFO is widespread, is certainly good, but not highly specialized, there is no clear line of responsibility. Everyone understands the function of CFO of his, but in a certain (desired) orientation.

Taking into account the law of perception, we expect:
- The first foothold in the minds of both outsourcer as a CFO.
- Without breaking the consciousness of potential customers, about what exactly is the function of the CFO, to adjust the service to the client. Let the client understands that he is always right.
Potential customers: Medium and large businesses, without financial manager.
Investment amount: $ 10000 - $ 30000
Order to attract investment: we are ready to consider any proposal, including the sale of 80% of the share capital.
Profitability of the project: 40% of gross sales.
Payback: 1,5 - 2 years
The project is in its infancy and is experiencing a lack of investment of advertising and PR.
In the future the first to impose on the market providing services to the financial director, an association of financial directors, create a branch network in Russia.

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