Investment Project for Program Business on Basis of Private Ordering

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The program represents not only an effective technology activities in the business of any kind, but an effective system of management and administration in this area.

The program provides an opportunity to raise the intellectual level of business activity of any kind with a corresponding increase in all indicators of this activity: economic, technological, industrial, etc.

The consumer receives a unique business with a high intellectual level ordered qualities stipulated performance and scale.
Intellectual property rights may be registered as a customer and author, and is fully redeemed by the consumer.
The program is unique.
Program is ready for commercialization.

Market research conducted by the author.
Market size and growth potential in the future is unlimited.
There is no competition from market players who are on a lower intellectual level of activity.
Competitive advantage, why our product is better (the three most significant).
The main competitive advantage is that we came to the project is not part of the evolutionary development of business, but from the higher intellectual status using a unique intellectual tool.
A significant competitive advantage is that for the modernization of business uses an algorithmic process similar to the process of thinking at the highest level that provides significant preferences in the effectiveness of any activity.
Our product best suits the prevailing market conditions, that is, we offer a much better product with a significantly lower price / quality ratio.

Marketing Plan (reference, channel, target audience, cost, expected results) is made by the author.
Supposed to cooperate with all market operators who are interested in modernizing the business and to satisfy the requirements laid down in the program.

Business Model
The customer provides an object-oriented and deeply formalized model ordered objects (events) settlement with the expected economic effect. Order is analyzed, then, if possible, is synthesized intelligent solution that implements ordered functions and parameters. Ready-made solution in the form of intellectual model is transferred to the customer. Value added products of the program created by deductions from the annual economic effect of 10% of it, but not less than 1,000,000 USD. The proposed program is not only more efficient technology activities, but also allows you to intelligently reallocate market. That is, if intelligently upgrade your business, not only to improve all their performance, but also receive significant preferences in the development and the complete lack of competition in the new intellectual level of activity.

The author uses his own mental activity open to them high intellectual achievement, commensurate with the complex developments of significant groups of highly skilled narrow profile.

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