Expansion of Operational Computer Business in the Big Russian Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We design new computer technologies and produce them in China. In Russia we sell wholesale and retail and provide follow up services. We require expansion of assortment and quantity of the delivered products, and we also plan to expand development of new technologies.

Now the difference between the cost of manufacturing technologies in China and its price in the market of Russia is very much greater than before. We study our market and we look for the popular goods which can be improved for our market. As a result we receive the goods with unique characteristics. Also, we are constantly looking for demands uncovered by any goods and try to find solutions. Besides commerce we still provide full service to our buyers.

We already have reliable manufacturers in China and we have rich experience (more than two years) in the business. Therefore timeframes of reception and sale of production small for our market. Investments will be returned after three years with profitableness of 15-18 % per year.

Now we have an operational trading and service company, offline and online shops and stable partners. We require funds to expand the assortment and quantity of the delivered technologies, and to expand development of new technologies.

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