Interactive Computer Viewer with Gesture/Movement Recognition and 3D

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have developed an interactive viewer with gesture-recognition interface, editor features and 3D. Investment is needed for promotion and optimization of the product.

It will take several years for multitouch technologies, which are widely used now, to start moving to a new level of user interaction with the equipment: gesture interaction. DiSH is a small leap into the future that will be relevant for many years, as this technology will become commonplace.

Besides the gesture/movement recognition interface, the DiSh viewer has other innovative aspects which will attract customers who currently use other viewers. Other often used functions are built-into the viewer. The design of the viewer buttons is made so that the functions are intuitively understandable even to inexperienced users.

Prospects for development:
Using the gesture interface does not require any peripheral devices except for a webcam. Managing the computer only by gestures is a promising field in the IT industry. This approach optimizes the user’s experience with many software products and makes interaction with the program easier. The most promising direction of gesture interface development is in 3D modeling and in touch-free content management in mobile devices.

Potential users: All users.

Sales strategy:
The viewer has passed beta testing, which identified and corrected errors. The product is ready to enter the market for personal computers running Windows operating systems.

Sales can be done via the developer’s site. Online payments can be made to the account of the seller. Alternatively, a short ad can be played in the viewer in case of online use.

If sufficient funding is provided, our company will develop a lot of other types of software in the evolving field of computerized viewing and movement recognition, as well as devices that will transform the interaction between the user and the equipment.

Corporate website for this program:

Example of the program’s use:

Interested investor can contact us on Merar for more information.

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