Investment Рequired for Hi-Tech Business Communication Portal

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Infoarena is an internet portal for research and distribution of commercial information, useful for consumers and providers; services for business communications.

The company offers the best technology to support efficient business communications and collaboration. Rethinking the progress of humanity and the eminent elimination of restrictions allows us to create what tomorrow hundreds / millions of people around the world will demand!

At Infoarena it is convenient to communicate, to receive the latest news, to plan your schedule, and to not forget anything; to communicate with people with one click; to build around yourself a comfortable network of contacts for you and your business, and to work only with reliable partners.

We are expanding the opportunities for effective promotion, business communication and collaboration through the Internet; we provide a new quality search and selection of suppliers and partners; we save time!

Project Goals:
1. To ease the interaction between buyers and suppliers. The best companies and best customers should be free to find each other; the least possible effort has to be spent on search and evaluation.
2. To provide feedback and encourage companies to take a proactive stance in relations with customers, to work effectively, to be socially responsible.
3. By removing the boundaries between companies, communities and governments, to allow people to communicate and work together.

• The most important thing is efficiency and usability
• We use others ‘ experience, but do not blindly follow the authorities – we bring our own, and are not afraid to go beyond the normal
• Today, to create what will be demanded tomorrow

If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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