Investment Project for Construction of Mini-Hotel in Village Ivanovka

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Construction of a modern mini-hotel with a purpose to develop a multi touristic area in village Ivanovka and providing an accommodation for foreign and Russian citizens.

The project plan is to create a hotel, which will include:

Semi-lux (double room) with a king size bed - 2 rooms;
Comfort - the usual (one room) with king size bed - 8 rooms;
Economy - the usual (one room) with two standard beds - 8 rooms.

Estimated terms for project realization:
1) A preparatory stage (business plan development, preparation and coordination of the project, conducting state expertise of the project, etc.) - 70 days from 29/07/2010
2) The investment stage: reconstruction of the building - October 2010 - March 2011, the acquisition of machinery and equipment - December 2010-April 2011
3) Opening of the hotel - April - May 2011

Annual revenues for the project: 2012 - 6,240 thousand rubles.
2013 and beyond - 7,952 Thousand rubles. (Increase of planned loading up to 75%)
The total demand for investments: 32,055 Thousand rubles including VAT

Key financial indicators of the project:
Planning horizon (period of) -10 years and 2 months (from July 2010 to September 2020)
Proceeds from sales for the entire duration of the project,(VAT included) -61,484 Thousand rubles
Net profit -16,950 Thousand rubles

Net Present Value (NPV), 2,684 Thousand Rubles
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) -4,3%

Discounted payback period-9,25
Adopted by the discount rate-2, 5%

Budgetary effect, taking into account the provision of tax incentives, Total 12,945 Thousand rubles

Discounting the budgetary effect on 1 ruble state support, RUB-4,99

Projected State and / or municipal support:
• Investment tax credit for income tax (reduction of rates by 4.5% percentage points of the amounts payable to the regional budget) - a total of 2,899 Thousand rubles;
• Investment tax credit for property tax (reduced by 100% acquired in the project property) - a total of 25,138 Thousand rubles.;
• Provision of collateral to raise loans from Russian banks to finance the construction work, equipment acquisition in the sum of not less than 19,5 million rubles at market value;
• Interest rate subsidies on loans for building and construction works and purchase of furniture and hotel equipment at a rate of 7.75% (100% refinancing rate) in the sum of 5,085 rubles.
• Funding for the restoration of external communications to the borders of the object (gas, electricity) (approximately 1,5 million rubles including VAT).

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