"Architectural Fabricated Blocks of SB” Investment Project

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Investment Opportunity

Establishment in Moscow region, of manufacturing of "Architectural fabricated stones and blocks of SB” with front facet and high strength.

“Architectural fabricated stones and blocks SB”, in distinction of other stones, blocks and bricks, structurally on the top surface, has two annular projections which, when masonry walls, entrance to the bottom wholes of surface of the stones of the next row. On the upper surface of the stones are projections along the long side of the block, with the tabs on the back of the blocks broken to release the excess grout on the back side. The end faces of blocks are created with vertical caves, so that between two adjacent blocks makes dowel groove, which is easily filled with grout and does not arise out .

The front face of SB blocks is with thickness of 30-40 mm made of concrete of high strength and high frost resistance of variety of colors and textures, cast together with the foundation blocks of light, heavy or cellular concrete.

Architectural fabricated stones and blocks SB intended to erect bearing, self-bearing curtain walls of low-rise and high-rise, residential and administrative buildings in accordance with applicable building codes in all climatic and seismic zones.

The construction of "Architectural fabricated stones and blocks SB" has no analogues in the world? and is patented in the Russian Federation RU2052599. The inventor and patentee is Mkhitaryan Edward Armenakovich.
Details on the site www.bystrostroy.ru
The technology of production of "Architectural fabricated stones and blocks SB” is by vibration casting method in plastic collapsible shuttering forms, which is one of the most simple methods and do not requires special facilities with cranes. The production technology is perfected for mass production.

Roughly the need for "Architectural fabricated stones and blocks SB” in Moscow city and the Moscow region in the next 2-3 years will be up to 100 thousand m3 per year, with further increases to 10% of the total housing, which would require 270 thousand. m3 "Architectural fabricated stones and blocks SB” per year.

The present situation of production of small-piece wall products is characterized by the following negative factors:
- The capacity of the constraints do not allow to produce production of facial material in accordance with market needs. Need is 50% satisfied by import from other regions and oversees imports, which leads to higher prices of construction;
- Limited technical capacity to improve the quality of production at existing plants;
- Limited technical capabilities extend the range in accordance with the demand for face bricks, especially color;
- In the costs of face bricks, there is high proportion of expenditure on fuel and energy resources that, in the planned annual increase in prices for fuel and energy resources is a danger to the effective operation of enterprises.
Compensation for all of the above negative factors can be achieved by building of a new factury for production of new small sized wall products - Architectural fabricated stones and blocks of SB, complies with technical reasons TU5741-001-77463963-2006 developed by OOO NPP Bystrostroy-KSBM "Moscow.

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