Invesment Project for Manufacture of Drilling Rigs in Russia

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Investment Opportunity

The invention is patented. Created an industrial design for pipes laying under natural obstacles. Investment is needed to start the manufacture - 1 mill.

In Russia drilling rigs for horizontal drilling are not produced, is used handmade method. Offered installations are 3-10 times cheaper than imported, and exceed them by the technical characteristics.

In the Soviet Union and Russia had not been made scientific and technological developments in the field of mechanized method of horizontal drilling and far short passages of 100m. being made mostly by hand development and transportation of soil. Productivity of 2 lm per shift. The price sinking 1 lm about 60 thousand rubles in Moscow region and from 30 thousand rubles in the regions. And transitions over 100m. began to drill at 90-ies by imported self-propelled devices. They are very productive, but the cost of 1 lm is also higher than the manual way. Drilling and transport of the soil by the pole and feed solution under high pressure. So-called "wet method". They are mainly used for very long subways because of the high consumption of the fluid, and also the preparation of mortar household requires a long time and it makes the value of penetration more expensive. There are other disadvantages of working in urban environments. One unit can be drilled 3.1 diameters. Axial force on the extruded tube is about 150tn. But with a large diameter can reach 600 tons. Price for such a facility for sinking a diameter of 500-600mm is about 1.5mln.doll., a diameter of about 1000mm .
- 3.0mln.doll., 1400mm diameters. - 5mln.doll.

The developed in our center drilling rigs can be divided into 2 types.
- Drilling diameter up to 1200mm.
- Drilling diameter from 1200mm. up to 2000mm.

Each unit can have diameters of 10-20 and drilled into 3 ways:
- Worm (dry method)
- Punching (dry method)
- Microtunnelling ("wet method" with using of fluid).

Axial force on the extruded tube is about 1500tn. And can reach 2500tn.
Performance of the average diameter - up to 50 lm per shift, and a large diameter - up to 20 lm
Price for a penetration is 15-20 thousand rubles depending on configuration varies from 350 thousand up to 500 thousand.

Benefits in the technical specifications and pricing make installation of invented facilities unique and have no analogues in world practice. For the next 10 years, these devices can be safely approved – they are out of competition.

Installations are invented by a specialist practitioner, who had worked all his life on underground pipelines in the positions of superintendent and by a chief engineer of construction management and trust. The first installation of the first generation was invented in 1993 and still works in Moskow. Several units were tested at the facilities of the Voronezh, Rostov districts, Krasnodar territory and established themselves as devices which have no analogues in world practice.

Installations are improved right along by the author.
To begin mass production of these installations is necessary to make a test batch of 3 units of the last generation. Manufacturing period of 7-8 months. The necessary investments - $ 1 million, or 30 million rubles under 15% per year in rubles. Further, the company is able to work on self-financing and to extinguish debts. Term of extinction of the debt begins with the 9th of the month and lasts 15 months. The total period - 24 months.
The sale of Inventions is a possibility.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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