Investment Project for Newly-developed Barbed Security Barrier

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Investment Opportunity

Our company has developed and patented a new security barrier. It is a passive barbed-balls barrier for installation on fences to block intrusion on the property.

Our company offers you a new security barrier that has an original architectural and stylish design: security barrier "Porcupine."
The security barrier is the first passive barrier to be installed on the fences of protected sites to block intrusion on the property.

The "Porcupine" barrier is made in the form of balls, fixed on the fence around the fence’s perimeter and joined together at the equator by means of welding.

The materials from which the Porcupine barrier is made:

- Balls: Reinforced Barbed Tape (galvanized wire with diameter of 2.5 mm, which is wound around galvanized barbed tape);
- Equator: stainless steel wire 12X18H10T diameter 4.5 mm;
- Fastening elements to attach the meridians to the equator: a stainless steel wire with 12X18H10T 3 mm in diameter;
- Locks which keep the meridians at the poles of the sphere: Stainless Steel 12X18H10T 1 mm thick;
- Rack for the balls: galvanized rod 10 mm in diameter;
- Rack mount to poles of the sphere: a stainless steel wire 12X18H10T 3 mm.

The mounting of the rack of balls to the elements of the fence is done in agreement with the customer (for example, wrought iron fences should better be matched with a rectangular profile 20x40 with corrosion-resistant coating, as these are easier to weld).

Barrier "Porcupine" is the best of the known safety barriers and has anti-hooligan properties:
- Number of barbed elements per 1 meter: 500;
- Force which leads to deformation of the balls: 60 kg;
- Density (distance between the barbed tape): 120 mm;
- No easy breaking of any of the barrier’s elements.

For similar barriers (e.g. SBB "Razor"), these same indicators are as follows:
- Number of barbed elements per 1 meter: 200;
- Force which leads to deformation of the balls: 15 kg;
- Density (distance between the barbed tape): 300 mm;
- Easily-breakable elements.

The useful life of the "Porcupine" barrier is 20 years.

Our company offers installation of the "Porcupine" barrier on your fence on a turnkey basis.

Security barrier "Porcupine" offers protection of customer property in a beautiful, reliable and long-lasting way. It allows saving or reviving the architectural design of the fence and the facility in general and to enhance its security.

Technical solutions contained in the "Porcupine" security barrier model are protected by a Russian Federation group patent, including 3 of the inventions: the device of the barrier, the method of its manufacture and the method of installation.

Please see the architecture and design of "Porcupine" security barrier in the photo gallery section on our website:

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