Shopping Center Investment Project in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This project is about building a shopping center in Novosibirsk, Russia. Thirty percent of this project has been already completed.

We are looking for partnership to complete this project. Total area of the project is 12800 m2. The amount of the investment required is about 9 million USD. If the partnership is realized, investors will have 80% of this project.

Shopping mall parameters:

Commercial area: 8224.14 m2
Administrative area: 956.53 m2
Restaurants and cafes: 318.7 m2
Other (warehouses, corridors, toilets): 3325.78 m2
Total space: 12825.15 m2

Progress on the project:

So far, the following has been completed:
• Construction permit
• Land development
• Foundation works
• Armoured concrete construction
• 30% of the floors
• 50% of the staircases
• 90% of the roof
• Connectivity permits

The market value of the commercial area is 65-70 roubles per 1 m2.

The project can be finalized in 12 months after the funding is acquired.

Use of financing

Funding necessary for the completion of the project is 350 million roubles. The total cost of construction is 477 million roubles.

Opportunity for the investor

• Loan collateralized with a land plot of 1.2 hectares
• Completion and transfer of the ownership of the entire shopping center at a predetermined price (the investment agreement)
• Joint ownership of shares in the TC on the money invested.

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