Producer of Interactive Chessboard Is Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The idea of this investment project is to build electronic chessboard with real figures and programmed support. ROI and payback expectations are listed in the proposal.

This chessboard can be connected to a computer, a laptop or a mobile phone by Bluetooth technology. The board has a unique design, integrated clock, battery and photodiode highlighting of cases. We have several models of boards, with in-built sun battery and without it.

The upper layer of the board is made of a new polymeric conducting material. This layer interacts with figures on the board and helps determining where the figure was moved to. Bluetooth, Li-ion batteries and sun battery are used as well.

Additional technical details can be provided upon request by potential investors.

Competitive Advantage


• There are more than 150 million of chess fans (male and female, older than 7)
• The internet portal has more than 1'000'000 users
• There are more than 10 million persons playing chess in online clubs all around the world, more than 500'000 of them are in Russia
• In Europe and North American countries there are more than 50'000 chess clubs
• Alone in the United States 2 millions of chess kits are sold yearly.

Competitive Advantages

• Our product is not dependent on electricity
• It's mobile and has no cables
• The game is played with real figures
• It has an inbuilt clock
• It functions as a chess computer
• It could be integrated in a virtual portal for organisations and matches
• With our product the players have the possibility to register and analyse their matches, to learn and teach chess and to control the match time
• The product can be used with various chess software and also on the Internet

Rationale for the deal

The business model of the company will be the selling the production in Russia and abroad. The product is available in different models with corresponding prices and design. We plan organisation and participation in matches, collaboration with the most important online chess portals, chess clubs and chess federation.

Use of financing

Project state

• The patent of Russian Federation for useful model is obtained
• The design is developed
• 100,000 roubles already were invested.
• The creation of an experimental model needs investment of $120,000 USD. Market introduction and creation of assembling industry and the first lot need $580,000 USD.

Opportunity for the investor

Key financial indicators of the project:

• Return on investment (10 years) PI – 16.10
• Internal rate of return IRR 79%
• Simple payback period of investment costs – 3 years
• The high rate of return obtained under conservative estimations allows speaking about the solidity of the project. Investor take: by up 40%

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