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Investment Opportunity

There is the idea of establishment an entertainment complex in the city of Anapa. To do this, I have all the neccessary components: organization, documentation, construction, design, equipment, and so on, all before staging various shows, making costumes - will take over me, have all the neccessary contacts!

Elements of the entertainment complex:
1. Striptease - club, erotic show.
2. Disco - club, entertaining show.
3. Restaurant (retro).
4. Hookah.
5. Billiards.
6. Table Tennis.
7. Children's slot machines.
8. Wine Room.
9. Styled beers - bar.
10. Balloon flights services (having ordered it with the logo, the name of the complex, it is also a good advertisement for the entire coast!).

This complex is designed to provide entertainment, shows, cultural and leisure activities to the inhabitans of the city, region and to the guests of the resort. According to official figures for the year Anapa is visited by 4 million tourists every year and that number only increases! The way to Sochi takes no more than 3 hours by the sea, for the Olympics are expected very large number of tourists from different countries! With realization of such projects exist, as a rule, the risks associated with the opposition of the local authorities and different regulatory structures.Preliminary negotiations were made, agreement was reached, and was promised full support! At this point in Anapa doesn’t exist any entertainment show, except those that are organized by local municipality! There is no place where people could have fun, to see a professionally delivered show, with elements of striptease and without! The idea of the balloon floghts is itself a good business (as long as there is not such a service yet), local landscapes are quite picturesque!

There are no institutions, which combine in a single a complex range of services and entertainment in the city, and also in the immediate.

If you are interested investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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