Investment Project for Creating of Year-Round Ice Rink in Russia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The goal of the project is to create a popular and fashionable entertainment place for youths by organizing additional entertainment and sport events.

The plan is to organize the following services:

1. Organization of public skating
2. Skate rental
3. Skate sharpening
4. Children's room (mini-rink, swings, slides, etc.)
5. Organization of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings on the ice (an exotic version of the holiday)
6. Cafe in the area of the rink (in the absence of a mall food-cord)
7. Holding of corporate events in hockey and curling
8. School of figure skating, hockey section
9. Organization of mass night discos on the ice (including the go-go show)

Annual revenues for the project, in thousand of rubles including VAT - 12,485 thousand rubles.

Ensuring of the investment: as security for loans and funds raised from the outside investor, the project proponent and project team members provide a personal guarantee.
Also in the transferred collateral the ice cover (synthetic ice) will be passed.

Overhead costs per month are 661 000 rubles.
Return on sales of pre-tax profit is 47%
(Earnings-589 000 rubles per month)
Detailed transcripts of all cost items are listed in a prepared business plan.

Key financial indicators of the project:

Planning horizon (the period of) - 3 years and 2 quarters (IV quarter of 2010. - I square. 2014)

Proceeds from sales for the entire duration of the project - 40 810 thousand rubles.(Excluding VAT)

Net income -5,952 thousand rubles.
Net Present Value (NPV) - 2,805 rubles.
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) - 47%
Discounted payback period - 2,39 years
Adopted by the discount rate - 16%
Budgetary effect, total - 2,298 rubles.

Projected State and / or municipal support:
• Interest rate subsidies on loans for household needs at a rate of 7.75% (100% refinancing rate) in the amount of 275,125 rubles.

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