Investment Project for Creating Internet Channels Consisting Music

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A service will be launched for creating internet channels consisting of music and automated reading of online texts. The music will be selected according to user's mood.

Registered users create a unique music flow, based on a set of any kind of audio in MP3 format: from music to sound effects to soundtracks to podcasts.

Thus, the user creates a unique full "broadcast", which is not limited by format or time frame.

The main difference with existing Internet radio stations is the presence of an automated reading of any text published on the Internet.

For the voicing function, the user needs to select the text, click on our bookmarks and select one of five voices. The voice reading will start within 30 seconds and will be part of the user’s botcast (automated broadcast channel) in random order.

The second distinctive aspect of the Bot.FM service is the indexing of the botcasts not by genre, but by the user’s mood. This is important because not all users can define a genre of music they prefer but many listen to diverse music according to their mood for the moment. The service Bot.FM offers botcasts grouped by moods, with the possibility to choose any mood to download files.

A social networking aspect for the user is under development. The user who creates a botcast on Bot.FM can not only share the playlist with friends as on other services, but can also participate in groups by mood, with all the possible advantages of this informal association.

In the long term, multilingual automated mechanisms for voicing and work with owners of copyrights for music and other audio content will be developed.

If you are an investor, please contact us on Merar for more information.

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