Investment Project for Opening 3D Cinema in Volzhsk, Russia

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project envisages opening an entertainment center with a 3D movie theater. An old non-functioning cinema will be bought and renovated in Volzhsk.

The project envisages the opening of cultural and entertainment center with a 3D cinema through the purchase and renovation of an old, not functioning cinema in the city of Volzhsk, the republic of Mari El. At the moment in a radius of 50 km there is no operating cinema, thus 155,000 people do not have access to movies in a theater. Needed investment: $1.4M. Payback period: 3-5 Yrs.

Breakdown of investment:
- purchase of a 2,200 sq m non-functioning cinema : $650,000
- equipment and interior of cinema halls (projection and sound equipment, chairs, sound, etc.): $ 400,000
- overhaul of the lobby: $200,000
- repair and remodeling of the building: $90,000
- setting up a cinema bar: $30,000
- setting up a box office: $20,000
- marketing expenses (outdoor ads, ads in mass media: radio, TV, press): $10,000

Total investment: $ 1,400,000

At this point, the following agreements have been made:
-with the city's committee: on asset management. The preparation of the documents required for purchasing the building has started.
- with an equipment supplier.

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