Investment Project to Open Beer Garden Restaurant in Moscow

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

At the moment the project is at the stage of a finished business plan, which includes current market prices for equipment and repair of facilities.

A family beer garden will be opened in Moscow offering genuine foreign beer brands.

The idea of the project is to open a restaurant which is fundamentally different from the restaurants that are already on the market in the town. Our unique beer garden will have beer supplies from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and the Czech Republic.

This will allows our customer to get immersed in the culture of drinking beer, which in our country is unfortunately underestimated.

The kitchen will not be confined to snacks and will offer a wide range of dishes.

We will also have a high qualified service.

According to the business plan the payback period is 22 months under the most optimistic scenario. But even if we get only 65% of visitors at a maximum occupancy rate of the restaurant, the payback period is 34 months.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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