Investment Project for Automated Pizza-making Vending Machines

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We plan to set up a chain of automated pizza-making vending machines, installed near schools, offices, train stations and airports. The required investment is 300000$.

This investment project is at a start-up stage. At the moment there is no competition. The main market are schools, office buildings, train stations and airports. We need to buy the machines for automated pizza making (each costing 15,000 euro) and a central production base.

The retail price of one pizza is 200 rubles. The approximate production cost is 80 rubles, resulting in a net profit of 120 rubles.

We expect that each machine will sell about 50 pizzas per day. For a start 10 machines are needed. The minimum profit will be 40,000 euro per month. At the moment, this business has huge potential for growth. Under the most conservative estimates it can be increased up to 300 machines. Бизнес план реальному Партнёру по запросу.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for morre information.

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