Investment Project for Chain of Quick-Service Cafes

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I offer to invest in the development of a chain of quick- service cafes (such as McDonalds) by new promising international company. Dividends will grow with the development of a chain. Now one share costs less than 89 euros, but the price will eventually go up. Number of shares is limited.
The first café will be opened in Moscow in the end of 2010.

The company New Franchising Systems Inc. offers to its partners a unique opportunity to gain financial independence by other means. By becoming a shareholder and deal owner of NFS, you will always receive dividends from the income of our project. And the dividend is only part of income. Another big benefit is a further increase in value of the acquired company's shares.

Finally, you can become a partner of the company, and buying a franchise, to become an owner of your own small business - a quick-service cafe-pancake. More precisely, such an enterprise doesn’t need to be small as well as with NFS company you can gradually become the owner of a chain of cafes. The only important thing for you is to want to make it your goal. The NFS company takes care of everything else. Based on his program the company will open in Russia and various countries of CIS and Europe hundreds and thousands of fast-food enterprises, which will operate on a single network, and bring profits for many years. This program gives everyone a unique opportunity to become a part owner of his own business, even without any experience in this field. A further strategy of the company provides development of other businesses on the basis of its established franchise network.
The company New Franchising Systems works as a team and applies a fundamentally new method of franchising, which allows each shareholder to participate actively in the development and promotion of the company. And at the same time, shareholders can receive a significant additional remuneration and bonuses for their activities, not just profits in the form of dividends on shares. Thus, revenues and the dynamic of the company development depend not only on the activities of managers, but also on the large extent, derived from the activity of members of the company team - shareholders and company partners.

Partners of the company, acquiring a franchise New Franchising Systems, receive a number of important advantages in the process of creating and maintaining their business. They get complete business model, which provides training and diversified professional assistance from NFS experts. The most difficult questions NFS company undertakes, making sure that business partners work and develop successfully and smoothly.The company New Franchising Systems, Inc. is heading a single structure under the control of which are successfully developing all enterprises of the chain of quick-service franchise café-pancake.

The franchise in the NFS network gives entrepreneurs a lot of advantages that increase the profitability, reliability and stability of their business in a difficult competitive market conditions.The NFS company allows partners to enter the market confidently, will give a completed model of a successful business, its popular brand, the benefits in advertising, protecting and supporting small business by legal resources of a large company, proven business processes and well-developed modern technology, information exchange network objective, quality control for the benefit of customers and company image.

For more details available for interested investors can contact us on Merar.

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