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Investment Opportunity

Our project involves a launch of a restaurant in affordable price segment with unique approach to cooking – steamed food without oil and roasting. One restaurant already succesfully works more than 1.5 years. Investments: USD350,000. Borrow on the following terms: 12% of annual percentage rate for the duration of 5 years (discussed!!!)

Some positions we'll adopt for a new restaurant. We (my partner - and best friend - and me) are absolutely sure and believe in our conception - STEAMED CUISINE - it's modern, popular and when we tell about it people say "WOW! I want to taste it!"

Now we have many loyal customs and interestingly enough that some of them visit us regularly not just because of popularity of healthy life-style and modern trends. They have a real problem with stomach (ulcer, gastritis, heartburn) and our approach to cooking is very suitable for them. From the marketing point of view - we have not only "emotional" arguments. We can "speak by the book" - our cuisine proves itself in practice.

Now - after 1.5 year working - We've got much experience in this sphere. In finance, with the personnel, manufacturing, marketing etc.


We have very comprehensive business plan with financing arrangements, but it is in Russian language.

Project summary:
The business plan is based on comprehensive analysis of possible perspectives for project launching. We offer a unique project of a restaurant offering customers steamed food. At this time the type of catering facility in question has no direct competitors on the current Russian market.

Section 1 gives a brief account of business events in the Russian food service industry. The public catering market hardly suffered any changes during the recent economic decline, and is currently growing. The market saturation in the Russian food service industry provides future investors with brilliant perspectives. Among all major cities in Russia, Moscow, demonstrates the highest potential for industry development. It is therefore planned that the catering business will be started in Moscow.

This business plan offers a competent market analysis, with each segment and catering facility options thoroughly described. The future restaurant is to be marketed as a casual public catering facility with everyday service, medium priced food and an average bill at about 500 RUR (20 USD).

For market promotion we target a group of 20-30 year olds, with active lifestyle and high concerns about keeping fit. The restaurant must be located in a place to provide constant traffic of more than 2,000 people an hour. The restaurant will be open on a 24/7 basis, except for a daily 2-hour interruption for technical reasons.

The business plan also offers a vision of the company’s mission and major principles. A few paragraphs are dedicated to the crucial success factors, the aims and tasks tree and the ways of watering it (Balanced Scorecard). In the long-term perspective it is planned to start a restaurant chain.

The work program section contains a detailed description of everyday material management, production stage characteristics, and required equipment. This section also contains prerequisites for the restaurant premises and facilities, including engineering, redesign and project coordination.

The resources management section gives a brief description of human resources. Each of 33 employees belongs to one of the three departments: dining-room, kitchen and accounts. The payroll total is estimated to be 792,000 RUR a month during the first year of service.

The business plan financial section contains a detailed sales forecast. It is planned that the restaurant will gain maximum productive capacity during the initial four months. The section also offers a table of income and expenditure, a deterministic model of defining semi-fixed costs, and a list of investment expenditures.

Breakeven point: 103,000 USD per month (equal to 353 clients per day, an average of 16 clients per hour).
Discounted Profitability Index: 6,19;
Payoff period: 15 months;
Internal rate of return: 118,9%.

Competitive Advantage

We ordered the professional marketing research for business plan from DISCOVERY Research Group (, and can certainly say - NO ONE company in catering in Russia offer cuisine with such conception!!!

The project encompasses two major market trends: continual vigorous growth of the public catering market and popularity of healthy lifestyle.

In our view, healthy food should not by any means be an aristocratic prerogative. It should not be too expensive, either. It is our firm belief that it should be affordable and popular with the majority of citizens. Every person should get a chance to eat healthy and delicious food daily. We will do out best to make it happen.

We know you must be curious about how delicious healthy food can be. We think you should try it once to forget the question for ever and ever. Every time you think steamed food, think salmon with sliced apples and pine nuts or a steaming steak, that will make you long for more. We hope this will take a vision of an unsalted boiled fish out of your head.

Steamed food retains its original color and proportion, just as it preserves numerous vitamins and minerals of the original products. It remains 100% natural, as it never gets hotter than 100°С and is not subject to excessive air flow. Steamed food smells as good as it looks, and it tastes just as good as it smells.

Rationale for the deal

We have working restaurant for 1.5 year.
We've launched it by ourselves and so we particularly know and ready for different nuances. We have experience and practice.
We understand what we want!
We understand where we go!

Now we have involved for consulting and our development very professional chief cook with huge experience and probation in Europe restaurants for about 7 years.
Did you ever taste risotto with steamed squids under the souse with cuttlefish ink? - It is amazing! )))

Existing restaurant is not enough large (40 seats). A new outlet is supposed to be 3-4 times bigger and we change design a little bit.

Use of financing

The investment is needed for covering different cost at the start-up stage:
- Equipment;
- Decor, furniture;
- Capital expenditure in room;
- Supplies of products etc.

We have profitable project but owned assets are not enough for start-up. Yes, we can wait for a year or more and accumulate money. But why? May be there is someone who want to earn money with us ))

We offer 12% of annual percentage rate for the duration of 5 years. Of course, we are ready to negotiate about acceptable conditions.

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