Investment Project for Massive Multiplayer Online/ Simulation Games

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $63,000 / min. $15,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

The uniqueness of the project is to develop the two kinds of games at once, which permit to transfer achievements from one version of the game to another.

Needed investment amount for project realization is 65000 USD.

This project involves creating a desktop strategic simulation games and online games MMORPG genre. It is difficult to overestimate the popularity of online gaming in today's society. If in the early 2000's target audience of different gaming applications consisted of pupils and students, now games, where you can create a virtual garden, farm or become fearless conqueror of magical worlds began to enthrall even the older generation. Moreover, the players’ access to additional elements, functions and capabilities for such games becomes a means of obtaining enormous profits for the company's developers. As for tabletop games, this sector is still underdeveloped in Russia, although the demand for strategic, simulations of foreign manufacturers is growing every year.

The idea and concept of games of this project has developed since 2007, so that our team had removed all "non-viable" options for the project. Currently, there is a concept of the "engine" of the online game (which was developed entirely independently without the use of designers to develop games), also developed the idea of a tabletop game based on the online version. The minimum amount of investment for the project realization is 15000 USD. The total investment will amount up to 65,000 USD. This amount has been calculated strictly as starting to implement the main tasks of the starting phase and includes the cost of salaries and equipment necessary to perform the work. The duration of Phase 1 is aimed to be 3 months, when the base version of the online games will be created and a whole set of materials to replicate the tabletop game will be produced. The development potential of the project is boundless, since, due to the tabletop version of the game, the online game will be able to "go" beyond the Internet and become a pastime for children and adults in any place and at any time.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

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