Investment Project for All-Russian Information Network "condominium"

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Proposed merger of the sites homeowners in one portal, an information network. Such a network of information exchange between the inhabitants of Russia will total about 50 million people, which is comparable with the figures of large social networks.

To do this, websites are homeowners' associations (HOAs) across Russia on the basis of the developed decision of the Russian Federation № 731 from 23.09.2010g. Creating websites for owners of condominiums available in the loan for one year. Each HOA will be combined into a single network of information exchange between residents of different cities of Russia with an API interface. This information network will become a major portal, among the small United HOA to exchange information and experiences.

All created and newly created HOAs are required to disclose information about its activities in the management of apartment buildings (according to the decree № 731 from 09.23.2010). To comply with the requirements of Regulation № 731, require publication in the official website of the administering organization or site executive authority. Because volume of the information provided is large enough and need to store information not less than 5 years, so the place can not be used, as a site management organization.

Functionality of the site for the HOA:
In the description provided maximum description of the functional, which varies for different product editions.
Content management system with an intuitive interface.
General information about the management company or HOA Details, Contact Us, List of houses.
Publication of any financial statements.
Publication of information on the work performed.
Publication of information about the procedure and cost of services and prices.
Publication of information on tariffs for public resources.
Placement of general information for tenants, served in a management company or HOA members, namely: Minutes of Meetings.
Information about tariffs.
Authorized documents.
Contact information for service providers.
Cost estimates for HOAs.
News, articles and other documents of any content.
Personal office tenant, in which he can: get and print, without leaving the apartment, a receipt for payment of utility services.
See balance of payments and debt.
Enter a meter reading water meters, gas, electricity, etc.
Make a request to call the wizard and follow its state
Ask a question or send a request to the Office. Get the answer on the website or by email.
To vote on association activities.
Pay utility bills online with electronic payment systems.
Possibilities of integration and sharing of information systems calculate utility bills: Unloading input tenants meter readings from the site into an information system company. Download site information on the accrued incurred by users of the information system.
Integration with other accounting systems through the sharing of files in XML format
Special Format upload data in files MS Excel.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

In Russia there is no such information networks, because the law on the duty to disclose the information was released 09/23/2010. On the basis of law, all condominiums have to make their sites and to place the required information.
Venture capital investments are needed.

Rationale for the deal

There is a team of web development

Use of financing

Initial investment required to create a minimum number of sites on HOA and connect them in a common information network.
This amount is the minimum for Russia in the future are invited to put a server in different countries and combine all the condominiums of all countries into a common information network.

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