Investment Opportunity in a Global Online Trading Platform

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Later stage
  • Years in operations: 1, Employees: 8
  • Investment size: $4,500,000 / min. $1,000,000
  • ROI: 77% in 1 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

The idea of the project is to create an international electronic trading platform and a private investment club based on the established network within the platform.

The international marketplace is a great opportunity to connect hundreds of thousands of businesses in one place and provide them with a complete resource for business development in the international format, as well an opportunity to participate in closed investment clubs, with a view to profit.

The project will be implemented in phases:
Stage One: Involvement of commercial organizations in Russia to the electronic trading platform.
Stage Two: Involvement of commercial organizations in other countries of the world to the electronic trading platform.
Stage Three: Creation of a private International Investment Club.
Stage Four: Integration of the international trading platforms with the International Investment club on the basis of the former.
Stage Five: Attracting individuals in private investment club with a view to gain profit.
Stage Six: Development of the project as a whole, in order to integrate it with various business arrangements.

The Electronic Tenders are ready. Soon the multi-lingual version will be finalized. The internal modules of the investment club have also being developed. At the moment, we are about to start an advertising campaign.
Work is under way to attract interested investors.

For the entire development of the project an investment of 4.5 million dollars is required.

Income from the trading platform will be based on a subscription fee for the use of the resource. The subscription fee is $700 per year for each participant in the system. In the first year, we plan to register on our website over 40,000-50,000 organizations. Business leaders, who registered their organization on the site, will be invited to the investment club. Income from the investment club is to be discussed separately.

The economic rationale for the project is attached. The project payback period of is 8 months. So in the end we get international platform for e-trading in various areas of business, as well

Competitive Advantage

Integrating a private club with a trading platform is a unique concept.

Use of financing

Funding is sought for advertising.

Opportunity for the investor

The terms of the arrangement are to be discussed and agreed upon privately.

For more detailed information on financial parameters, please refer to the document attached.

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