Investment Project for Starting an Online Store "Hand-made Boutique"

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Investment Opportunity

The idea of the investment project is to establish an online store for hand-made items, created by talented artists. "Hand-made boutique - Warmth of human hands."

The project is at the level of the idea (seed stage).
The idea of the project is to establish an online store for hand-made items, created by talented artists. The working title of the project is "Hand-made boutique - Warmth of human hands." In Russia, hundreds of craftsmen create unique items - jewelry, clothing, interior decorations and souvenirs. But later on, these things do not find their owner. Speaking the commercial language, a vendor does not find a buyer. In most of the cases, these things are exclusive. Important detail here is the fact that the things, created by talented hands, hold a piece of warmth of their creator, in contrast to machine punching. That's why these things always have and will have a demand.

There are already online shops in internet, selling hand-made, it is not a new idea. However, in business no matter WHAT you sell, but it is important HOW you do it. The idea is to combine in one two different concepts, which seem to be incongruous - hand-made and a boutique. This will be an online store for the best things, created by masters (and not necessarily very expensive). To do this, it is planned to look for talented artists throughout Russia and to further cooperation with them.

The boutique will develop the brand, which is not just a logo. It is a philosophy; it's the relationship of the online store with its customers. Firstly, it is a convenient site in which to make purchases will be easy and pleasant. Secondly, it is a corporate style, which begins with what the customer sees on the site, and ending with original packaging, in which the client will receive the purchase. Thirdly, it is a convenient delivery system.

The ultimate goal is the creation of the biggest internet shop in Russia and abroad, selling hand-made products, made by the best masters of the country.

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