Universal Automatized System for Operational Booking of B2C Class

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Internet, eBusiness
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $200,000 / min. $80,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

A system of online booking in real time, without confirmation and manual routine work of administrators in objects of various types, by direct exchange of data.

This system allows Internet users, without intermediaries, quickly, easily and securely, through implemented in it online portal or via the Internet resources of outside developers that are connected to this system of reservation, to plan a visit to any city, connected to the system: to get various information about selected region or city, to see videos and photos of hotels, rest houses, resorts and book a room, to view menus in restaurants and book a table,to get acquainted with the repertory of theaters, cinemas and book a ticket, to order the individual transfer, to calculate the estimated costs for services, selected by all available means of payment. All information is correct and does not require confirmation.

1.The main advantage: The system receives all information from the database of booking objects completely automatized and does not require confirmation;
2. The system is universal, as it allows users to work with objects of different types. Such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas;
3. The ability to sell services through Internet resources of third-party developers with the help of external interfaces;
4. Subsystem to control the representatives of the project and calculation of their remunerations;
5. Subsystem for automatized control of setting and achieving of organizational and technical problems, by project participants (representatives, staff, administrators, management);
6. Ability to work on the individual basis of each booking object, customer and representative;
7. The system is implemented with a universal structure which allows to develop and easily deploy new services.
For example:
- Service to account discounts and automatically generate suggestions for the amount of these discounts;
- Tools for market research and different statistical information;
- A service,which allows to sell services through social networks;
- Interfaces, providing information such as reviews, photos and video in groups managed in social networks.

Zyuzin, Alexander - Project Manager, General Director of Volga Region Tour "http://www.volgartur.ru
Zyuzin Vasiliy - Leading developer, head of the studio for web, applications and integrated software solutions "FinLord IT" http://www.finlord.ru
Dmitry Antonov - Head of advertising and media support, the Director of LLC "Volgograd Business Television" http://www.vd-tv.ru, author of numerous multimedia projects in the field of business and tourism.
Kizim Alexei Vladimirovich - Head of the consulting department, professor of "Computer-aided design and search engine design", Volgograd State Technical University, Ph.D. http://www.kizim.ru, Director of "ARMSoft” the developer of the „Information Technologies in Tourism "course.

„Research Center for Tourism”, Administration of Volgograd region http://www.turizm-volgograd.ru „Stoliya”- the largest network in Volgograd, combining the best in catering, hospitality services and property management.

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