Investment for Automated Line for Production of Ceramic Bricks

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $10,000,000 / min. $10,000,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Automated line for production of ceramic bricks, with 20 million bricks per year. To increase capacity can be installed the second and third lines.

Required investments - 10 mln. The payback period is 5 years.

Name of Organization - LLC Bobrowski brickyard. Construction industry in the city of Voronezh region is growing, volumes of industrial, civil and housing construction are also growing. The need for ceramic bricks is met by bringing up from neighboring areas, for 500-600 km. Therefore, the bricks production in the center of Voronezh Region will be very competitive. The quarry of raw materials and industrial buildings are located on one site. Railroads, and highways are near to the plant, not more than 300 m.

Engineering support:
Gas supply from the main gas pipeline "Liski – Bobrov”, 530 mm pressure of 55 MPa, AGRS, Bobrov town.

Power supply from 110 kV to the construction of power substation 110/10 / 0.4 up to 20000 kW.
Water supply - is necessary to drill wells up to depth of groundwater 90-110 m.
So, raw materials extraction, production and marketing of products are compact, not including the extra costs.

After the payback period of 5 years, there is the ability to install the second and third production lines to increase production to 60 million units per year. Stocks of raw materials"Bobrovskoye III" will ensure the work of the plant capacity of 80 million units. conv. bricks per year for 50 years.
To date, a preliminary agreement with the manufacturer (supplier) of equipment on the cost line and the timing of its manufacturing and supply has been reached.

A designer has been hired – for manufacturing and design expertise, and general contractor - construction and installation works. Selected team of professionals able to implement this project.

Availability of labor resources will allow to organize the work of the plant around the clock. Initiator of the project is a professional engineer, graduated from the Voronezh Architectural and Construction Academy, with industrial and civil construction experience - 35 years. Local authorities support the project initiator, with a view to its early implementation.

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