Investment Project for Lelyanaya Water

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Russia Russia
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $150,000,000 / min. $1,000,000

Investment Opportunity

Looking for investor for production of drinking water, using ice of icebergs.

Looking for investor for a project of creation of a company - brand of produce of drinking water, using ice of icebergs.

Some businessmen in the West are already quite successfully used the glory of the virtues of melt water in the manufacture of their products. Supermarkets increasingly appears a new product - water from melted iceberg. The ice of the icebergs thousands of years is under pressure of kilometers of mass and its purity affects the quality and usefulness of the drinks. The hunting for the icebergs melt water has already begun. There is a company "Canadian Vodka of the iceberg”, established on the island of Newfoundland and the sailors of the company stalk Greenland icebergs in the ocean and the melt water is used for the production of unique alcoholic beverages. Such products have huge demand! Even today, the icebergs are sold in bottles. The production is taken by Canadian company, «Canadian Iceberg Corporation of America». The company’s owner is Ronald Stump. The final product, which is called "Borealis" in a bottle worth about 2.5 dollars per liter.

Now the company expands its operations and begins an offensive on the European market. And soon, this amazing product will appear on the European market - in the UK. And if the demand for liquid icebergs will meet the expectations of Canadian manufacturers, "Borealis" will appear throughout the whole World.

According to forecasts, till 2025 y., more than 1 billion people will live in conditions of catastrophic water shortages. In case of large-scale using of hydrogen engine, the issue of clean water will become even more acute!

The entire civilized world is aware that. Europeans and Americans refused to consume tap water, opting bottled water.

The world market for mineral and drinking water is one of the fastest growing markets.
In the context of the global crisis, when prices for many components of the project can be with significant discount, it is the time to realize the project.
Potential and prospects of this project are huge!
Sincerely Sergei Makarov!

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