Investment Project for Information-Analytical Internet Portal

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Thematic information-analytical Internet portal with elements of social networking, uniting professionals and solutions to concrete practical problems.

Yearly investment: USD 100,000
Payback period: 1.5 years
Revenues will be generated from selling advertising and intermediary services.
The average annual turnover (in second year): 6.5-12 mill

Information-analytical Internet portal with elements of social networking which involves large-scale coverage of the most popular social-economic topics, a wide range of interesting people, roughly belonging to the following fields: Government - Business - Science - Education - Industry.

Application of this portal: information search, information sharing, communication, practical issues, acquisition of goods and services.

Financing: investments- from $ 100,000 a year.

Costs: for preparation of the necessary documentation, salaries of the employees involved in the project, creation and web-design of the portal and content generation, advertising and promotion of the portal, technical support, operating costs (in accordance with the financial plan of the project).

Investment terms: we will consider your proposal

Enterprise: creation of a new enterprise. The team has been put together is ready to implement the project. Office space and equipment will be leased.

Implementation period of the project:

First 6 months - to create an Internet portal, content generation, promotion
First 1 year - achieving a large number of visitors to the site (from 20,000 unique visitors per day).

From year 1 to first 18 months – reaching the breakeven point and starting to generate profits from the project.

Income from: advertising, PR-projects, agency services (legal and consulting services) and online sales.

Average annual income (1.5-2 years from project start): 6.5 to 12 million RUB.

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