Investment in Multi-functional Vending Machine for Public Use

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The machines will provide information, recharge mobile phones and shine shoes simultaneously. The payback period is 24 months.

The aim of the project is to purchase and install vending machines for the provision of public services. Each machine will simultaneously perform three functions:
1. Providing services to local residents and out-of-town visitors in need of urgent recharging of mobile phones and other portable devices;
2. Providing information and advertising services;
3. Shoe shining.

After recharging a mobile phone, the machine will issue a receipt indicating how long the device was being charged.

The second function, displaying advertising and information, will be available on a fee basis, according to an approved price list.

The third function, cleaning of shoes, will be free.

A total of 1.0 million rubles are needed for realizing the project.

Cost of the project: The total size of the investment is 1,050,000 RUB. This includes 1,000,000 rubles of credit and 50,000 rubles own funds.

The investment will be spent on:
- Acquisition of basic and auxiliary equipment: 1,000,000 RUB.
- Expenses related to transportation, installation, fine-tuning and commissioning: 40,000 RUB.
- Signing of rental contracts: 10,000 RUB.

The payback will be in equal payments within 24 months.

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