Investment Project for Regional Round the Clock Cable TV Channel

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

City round the clock cable TV channel. Works 24/7/365 in Surgut cable network. Surgut is the fastest growing city in Khanty - Mansi Autonomous Region. (

1. Entirely own content, programming and design
2. Absolutely dynamic content, ability to be changed for every Veen
3. There is possibility of rapid expansion (geographically) - a huge opportunity for advertising market in the region

Content of the TV channel:
1. Advertising and commercial information
2. Live - Short news items without comment
3. Thematic programs

There are 4 television companies in the city. Their advantages - the presence of the news service, a well-established relations with advertisers and partners.
Major weaknesses:
1. The presence of network partners (working from 2 to 4 hours a day, at the other time - the federal TV channels);
2. Strongly lobbied television channels; negative, blaming and quite subjective journalism.
3. Reluctance to change - old programs, repetitive plots.

Audience of the project - the average townspeople.

TV audience to date - 63000 subscribers (based on a subscriber - an average family of 3 persons, about 180,000 people).

Potential size of the audience - up to 2000000 people - (under conditions of geografic expansion in nearby cities)

Team - young enterprising people. The average age is 27 years, all are high educated, 2 people have an MBA, and 1 – PhD.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more detailed information.

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