Investment Project for Anesthetic Medicine of Inhalation Type

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This invention (utility model) is a symptomatic individual therapeutic medicine for inhalation. It is a non-toxic auto-analgesics type of medicine.

The essence of the project:

"Personal medicine" (small-size, easy to use) which has effective analgesic properties and is non-toxic. It has a wide range of applications as a mono-narcosis type of medicine.

The medicine allows effective reduction of spasms (pain, anxiety, aggression, hangover, etc.) in "home" conditions. This medicine can be used for pain-relief during childbirth, abortion, fractures, bruises, tooth extraction, removal of stitches and drainage tubes, as well as in the post-operative period for prevention of traumatic shock, for sedation and other pathological conditions of the human body which are accompanied by pain and this pain cannot be stopped by non-narcosis analgesics (except in cases where there are contraindications). It has a wide area of application.

This tool can be used in vehicles for emergency first aid to patients with acute coronary insufficiency, acute myocardial infarction, acute pancreatitis, severe mechanical trauma and burns. Likewise, the medicine can be used by emergency rescue teams and Russia’s EMERCOM ministry in carrying out rescue operations and on board planes to relieve the stress state of passengers, etc.

This tool is one of the safest means for mono-narcosis. It is virtually harmless to the body and has no significant effect on the function of vital organs and body systems. It does not suppress breathing, does not alter blood pressure and heart rate and does not affect cardiac output and venous pressure.

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